Review of Mentoring: Getting it Right in a Week

A practical, easy-to-read book which speaks to busy professionals in a language they will connect with.

The purists among you might argue that the title of this book is misleading…and you would be right.  Many of the suggestions in this book are drawn from established coaching practices and if you subscribe to the view that mentoring and coaching are different roles, you might rightly query if this is truly a book for mentors.  Putting the semantics of it all aside, however, this book is packed full of practical, sensible and well-researched hints and tips for the mentor-coach.  The format of the book is designed with busy professionals in mind, with seven beautifully formatted chapters which include a brief chapter opener; a series of individual, on-the-ground strategies; and an example of strategy in action.  For those that have a bit more time and are interested in the theory, there are handy pointers to further reading; and for the truly time-pressed, there is a suggestion for “if you only have time for one thing, try this”.

This book squeezes years of theory and good practice into one handy guide.  It would be ideal for teacher educators seeking to develop training programmes for their mentors and coaches as it is full of activities which could be expanded into wider training opportunities.

It is the perfect companion-text for delegates on the NASBTT Level 1 and 2 Teacher Educator Programmes.

Review by Emma Hollis, Executive Director, NASBTT

Book Details

Title: Mentoring: Getting it Right in a Week

Author : By Jonathan Gravells Series edited by Susan Wallace

ISBN : 9781911106289

Edition No : 1

Publication : 24 Jan 2017

Available from https://www.criticalpublishing.com/mentoring-getting-it-right-in-a-week and on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mentoring-Getting-Right-Jonathan-Gravells/dp/1911106287


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