SEND Coaching approaches

 Operational definition
Coaching approaches Effective use of coaching skills such as effective questioning to facilitate deeper reflections in and on practice.

Reflective questions

  • What types of questions are being asked to enable trainees to unpack their understanding of SEND?
  • How are coaching strategies used as part of the ITT programme?
ITRAC information
ITRAC tools copy Coaching Approaches
The tool provides a helpful outline of how coaching strategies and approaches can be used to develop a trainee’s understanding of how to observe lessons, identify best practice, reflect on how similar strategies can be employed in practice and make progress. The approaches are suitable for a mentor who is keen to develop his/her mentoring style and refine it to use a wide range of coaching strategies.  The tool makes use of the GROW model as a coaching tool to outline how coaching can be used in practice and to refine SEND practice for trainees.
ITRAC research copy Secondary mathematics coaching: The components of effective mathematics coaching and implications
 Active learning task
ITRAC active learning task Coaching – Practical Exercise
 Case study
ITRAC case study
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