SEND Evidence-based teaching

 Operational definition
Evidence based practice Research-informed practice regarding QFT and SEND.

Reflective questions

  • Are trainees introduced to high quality and robust research material to support the delivery of policy frameworks?
  • How is research used to inform trainees’ practice?
ITRAC information What is evidence-based teaching?


ITRAC tools copy Engaging in Evidence-Based Research
Engaging in evidence-based research is an important part of professional development for teachers. The document provides helpful guidance and suggested reading, as well as an additional interactive learning extension to encourage trainees to develop their understanding of SEND via their wider reading too.  The piece suggests reading regarding development, and other wider issues to ensure that trainees extend their practice and understanding of SEND more broadly.
ITRAC research copy BESD Reading List
SEND Reading List
 Active learning task
ITRAC active learning task Lesson Evaluation and Reflection – Using a model for reflection to plan your evaluation
Lesson Plan Template
 Case study
ITRAC case study Case Study: Evidence-Based Teaching
Case Study: Evidence-Based Teaching Trainee exemplar 1
Case Study: Evidence-Based Teaching Trainee exemplar 2
Case Study: Evidence-Based Teaching Trainee exemplar 3
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