SEND Feedback

 Operational definition
Feedback 1 Detailed and embedded feedback to trainees by mentors, tutors, Professional Tutors/ITT Co-ordinators focusing on classroom pedagogy, subject knowledge and SEND within the classroom context.

Reflective questions

  • How are trainees given information on what they do well and where to improve?
  • How is classroom pedagogy openly discussed? (Consider: method, consistency and frequency.)
ITRAC information Feedback Overview
Feedback Overview (PowerPoint)
Giving effective feedback
ITRAC tools copy Questions for Mentors
Trainee Self-EvaluationFor Teacher Educators Feedback on classroom pedagogy in relation to pupils with SEND
An activity to help refine Teacher Educator’s feedback with a specific reference to SEND. This activity can be used as a training activity for all Teacher Educators to do and compare outcomes and experiences or alternatively as a supportive activity to help refine practice individually.
ITRAC research copy Research
7 Things to Remember About Feedback
 Active learning task
ITRAC active learning task Developing Effective Feedback for Learners with SEND
A helpful activity to encourage trainee teachers to reflect on the impact of their feedback on a specific learner with SEND.Subject Specific Related Feedback to Enhance Motivation where SEND Could be a Barrier
An active learning task encouraging trainees to explore barriers to learning which can be addressed through the effective use of feedback.
 Case study
ITRAC case study
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