SEND Innovative use of time

 Operational definition
Innovative use of time Variety of methods used to ensure that all trainees become teachers of SEND in the limited training timetable given.

Reflective questions

  • How does the provider use different opportunities and cross links to other elements of the training programme to ensure trainees see the connectivity of SEND to their practice and to what depth?
ITRAC information
ITRAC tools copy Take control of your time
ITRAC research copy Teacher Time Use in Special Education
 Active learning task
ITRAC active learning task
 Case study
ITRAC case study SEND Day 1: SEND Statutory Requirements
Activity 1: Changing Attitudes Over the Year
Glossary of Terms Quiz Sheet
Activity 4: Area of Need Activity
Examples: Case Study and Action Plan Activity
SEND Collaborative Activity
SEND Presentations Timetable
SEND Presentations Ideas and Notes
SEND Presentation Evaluations
Trainee leaflet: ADHD
Trainee leaflet: Anxiety
Trainee leaflet: Dyscalculia
Trainee leaflet: Dyslexia
Trainee leaflet: Hearing impairment
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