SEND On-going CPD for school-based leads

 Operational definition
Ongoing CPD On-going training and development sessions for those supporting trainees.

Reflective questions

  • What on-going opportunities are in place to ensure those supporting trainees are up-to-date with their own SEND knowledge and skills?
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ITRAC tools copy Mentor, Tutor and Professional Tutor Ongoing Professional Development
The document provides a differentiated outline of the different phases of development for Mentors, Professional Tutors/ITT Co-ordinators and Phase/Subject Tutors. It highlights what key considerations should be made to ensure that training is pitched at the appropriate level to develop staff effectively on their learning journey to ensure that they continue to grow in their practice and level of expertise.
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 Active learning task
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 Case study
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 This is an ongoing project; further resources will be added as they become available.
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