Kirsty Wilson at Sussex Teacher Training Partnership was one of the first Licence Holders to receive the newly introduced Quality Assurance Consultation (QAC).

Kirsty facilitated the Level 2 Advanced Coaching and Mentoring online and requested the QAC be split into two separate sessions.  For the first conversation pre-facilitation, Kirsty opted to focus on the new content and guidance for online facilitation among other areas; the second conversation post-facilitation was an opportunity to reflect on the facilitation process, share delegate evaluation forms, inform future facilitation and offer a perspective for further content and facilitation development by NASBTT.

The following is an account of Kirsty’s TEP Licence Holder experience in her own words.

‘What an incredible programme to be able to deliver!  The resources were highly supportive, with detailed notes to the facilitator which provided further clarification to enable successful facilitation of the modules. 

I particularly enjoyed leading a session on Transactional Analysis.  Having explored this module with Emma in Leeds during the Level 3 coaching programme, I was inspired to discover more about this theory – this was a great learning opportunity for me too, enhancing my own professional development through further reading around the topic.  As a result of my increased understanding, I felt enthused to deliver the unit to our mentors at the Sussex Teacher Training Partnership, and I felt confident to link the theory to the work we all do with our trainees.  The participants enjoyed this session, making links to their own practise, and home-life on many occasions.

Facilitating the training face-to-face was certainly enjoyable and it was great to see the engagement in the room.  Participants were all keen to engage with the resources that NASBTT provided which also supported them to reflect on the content following the session.  Online training was interesting. … I was anxious about how this would go, especially as the session involved a practical coaching activity.  However, I was pleasantly surprised by how adaptable the participants were, making the most of a different way of working.  In some cases, coaching online seems to put some people at ease.

I thoroughly enjoyed combining the NASBTT resources with elements from the STTP programme, ensuring the content of the day linked closely to the programme and their experiences with their trainees.  I was unsure as to whether I would be able to incorporate additional aspects within the training, aware that the programme is accredited by NASBTT.  However, working with Sarah during the consultation process was incredibly useful and reassuring – I was able to ask any questions about the content where I felt it would support my facilitation, whilst clarifying the importance of adapting and adding in aspects to link to the STTP’s programme.  I felt empowered as a facilitator to put my own twist on things, helping our mentors to fully relate to the content. 

I want to thank Emma for the initial training that enabled me to then lead with such a brilliant programme, and I want to thank Sarah for all the support along the way.  An incredible programme which helps mentors to develop powerful coaching skills, which in turn, empower trainees to reach their own answers, supporting them to become successful, confident teachers!’

TEP Licence Holder: Kirsty Wilson (facilitator feedback, November 2020)

‘The content of the first session particularly was excellent.  The background information on transactional analysis was nothing short of a revelation and so pertinent to my role as CBT.  The focus then on the use of questioning as a key tool in the coaching approach has had an immediate and significant impact on how I shape the support I am able to offer, as well as the trainee’s engagement with their own reflective practice.  It’s not often that I have found any training which has enabled me to move forward in my practice so effectively and in such a manageable way.

The materials enable me to revisit the key elements of the training without being over-complicated or onerous.  I can use it in a ‘quick- reference’ way or reread in more depth.  I feel I know where to look for further information on areas of particular interest.’

TEP Level 2 Delegate: Teacher Educator Sussex Teacher Training Partnership

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