STEM Learning is the UK’s leading provider of education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  Through a range of programmes we support teachers, technicians and schools to help deliver our vision of a world-leading STEM education for all young people across the UK.

We work with more UK STEM teachers than anyone else – reaching into every secondary school and post-16 institution, and over 80% of primary schools. We support over 170,000 teachers, benefitting more than two million young people every year.  We are therefore ideally placed to support trainee teachers prepare for the classroom and then provide ongoing support to them throughout their careers.

Continued Professional Development 

Remote CPD

The widespread school closures have created new challenges for teachers of all career stages.  With trainee teachers missing out on a term’s experience in school, we are keen to support them to be prepared to teach from September.  We have developed a comprehensive programme of fully funded remote science CPD so trainee teachers can continue developing their skills and knowledge giving them the tools and confidence to teach in the classroom.

Our flexible training programme can help trainee teachers gain confidence to teach science at primary or secondary level with a range of subject knowledge enhancement and pedagogy courses.  Each course is the equivalent of one day’s intensive CPD, and is broken down into five hour long sessions making it easy to fit in around other commitments.  Courses include facilitator-led interactive sessions with live Q&As allowing trainee teachers to talk to and engage with other participants on the course, share experiences as well as have specific queries answered.  These are complemented with participant-led sessions in between where trainee teachers can focus on their own areas of development and reflect on their own learning.

The full list of courses available here  Whilst all the courses are open to trainee teachers, we specifically recommend:

Subject knowledge enhancement  Subject specific pedagogy  General pedagogy 
Primary science An online courses per subject (chemistry, biology and physics) Back to school- primary science for NQTs (remote delivery)

Four primary courses for teaching EYFS, KS1, lower KS2, and upper KS2 science (remote delivery)

Teaching Primary Science- starting out (online)

3 online courses:

Managing behaviour -20 Apr (7 weeks free access)

Intro to assessment for learning – available until 24 May, starts again 1 June (5 weeks free access)

Planning for learning is currently available until 10 May, Start 22 June to follow on from intro to assessment and run through August (7 weeks free access)

Secondary science Nine courses for subject knowledge in chemistry, physics and biology at KS3, 4 and triple science (remote delivery)


Effective H&S course for NQTs (remote delivery)

Managing the practical classroom in secondary science (online)

Teaching practical science physics/chemistry/biology (three courses online)

Teaching Biology- inspiring students with plants in science (online)

Online CPD

STEM Learning provides a broad programme of free to access, high-quality, online professional development for trainee teachers to enable them to study wherever and whenever it suits them.  Due to current restrictions, this is an ideal way for trainee teachers to be able to continue their professional development and ensure they are prepared for the classroom in September.

Our range of online CPD will allow trainee teachers to maximise their students’ learning and build on their own initial teacher training. Courses enable participants to access real classroom footage, discuss lessons with colleagues from around the world, and learn from leading experts. They allow participates to engage with other early career teachers, share ideas and ask questions along the way.

Our online CPD support is impactful on improved teaching and learning outcomes:

  • 98% of participants said online CPD had a high or medium impact on them
  • 95% of participants agreed that online CPD improved their understanding
  • 93% of participants agreed that online CPD improved their practice

Previous participants of our online CPD have commented that:

  • What I particularly liked about this course is that firstly they demonstrate the classic practical carried out and then highlight challenges that students might face while undertaking this practical. (Participant from Practical Chemistry)
  • I received lots of information and lots of useful strategies. My head is ready to burst, but in a good way! The ideas will help me implement a new way of teaching science more confidently (Participant from Practical Biology)
  • The course covered many aspects of managing the practical classroom that will help me make progress towards all teacher standards (Participant from Practical Biology) 

You can find our schedule to online CPD by visiting

Raising young people’s aspirations through enriching the curriculum: STEM Clubs

STEM Clubs are a powerful and enjoyable way to engage young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as enhancing trainee teachers’ own STEM teaching practice with real world examples and applications.

Our online course is for anyone who wants to run or help run a STEM Club remotely or online.  Free to access and facilitated through an online community group, this course covers key topics such as how to get started, child safeguarding, top tips for online tools, example resources and recording your club’s activities.  Once trainee teachers have completed the course there are opportunities for them to be involved in the delivery of virtual STEM Clubs through our network. This provides a valuable way of trainees gaining further experience ahead of September.



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