The Teacher Recruitment Bulletin for May 2019 was shared with providers on 2nd May 2019:

Teacher Recruitment Bulletin: May 2019

Welcome to the ‘new look’ May 2019 edition of the Teacher Recruitment Bulletin, which we’ve updated with segments to reflect the varied content and help your navigation. The bulletin still contains vital information to support your trainee and teacher recruitment. Please send any feedback, comments or subscription requests to: teacher.recruitmentbulletin@education.gov.uk.

Marketing and events to support ITT2019
1. Train to Teach – additional event spaces

2. Provider marketing webinars – register now

Programmes and tools to support ITT2019

3. Scholarships programme

4. Find Postgraduate Teacher Training service
5. Subject knowledge enhancement programme
6. Professional Skills Tests

7. Education Support Partnership charity – free telephone counselling service for trainees

ITT accredited provider and lead school updates and actions

8. Implementation of the Early Career Framework Prior Information Notice
9. Important reminder from UCAS – summer recruitment pilot decision
10. Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (DTTP) – teacher apprentices

11. Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (DTTP) – ITT Performance Profiles 2017 to 2018

Other initiatives to support your provision

12. Reducing teacher workload – register for events

13. Teacher Subject Specialism Training
14. Teaching Vacancies

15. Teach First

16. Recruit teachers of modern foreign languages
17. ITT and teacher training-related team mailboxes

Marketing and events to support ITT2019

1. Train to Teach – additional summer term event spaces

We are pleased to confirm five new Train to Teach events for the summer term.

Birmingham       Saturday 15 June 2019           10am to 2pm
Nottingham        Wednesday 19 June 2019       4.30pm to 8pm
London              Saturday 22 June 2019           10am to 4pm
Liverpool           Tuesday 25 June 2019             4.30pm to 8pm
Leeds                Saturday 29 June 2019           10am to 2pm

These events enable you to meet local candidates who are exploring the benefits of a career in teaching and outline the opportunities available to them through your programme.

To secure a place, please complete the booking form by 5pm Monday 13 May 2019.

2. Provider marketing webinars – register now

We are introducing new provider marketing webinars. The purpose of these sessions is to give all ITT providers an opportunity to access advice on how to improve the impact of marketing activity, to help fill ITT places.
Our first two webinars will focus on social media management and website improvement. Industry professionals will share their expertise and provide hints and tips to help improve your website or social media marketing.

To ensure you don’t miss out, please register via the links below:

Thursday 16 May 2019          3.30pm to 5pm       Social Media using Hootsuite
Wednesday 22 May 2019      3.30pm to 5pm       Optimising your website

Programmes and tools to support ITT2019

3. Scholarships programme – priority subjects

If you are recruiting initial teacher training (ITT) trainees in chemistry, computing, geography, modern foreign languages or physics, please promote the £28,000, tax-free teacher-training scholarship.

The maths financial package is worth at least £32,000, made up of the following:

  • £22,000 tax-free bursary during the ITT year
  • Two career bonus payments of at least £5,000 in the third and fifth year of teaching (enhanced payments of £7,500 if teaching in one of 39 identified local authorities)

Please view terms and conditions at Mathematics early-career payments: guidance for teachers and schools.

The scholarships scheme is aimed at high-quality ITT trainees, passionate about teaching in one of the above subject areas. Successful candidates must secure a training place by September 2019 that leads to QTS status, at an ITT provider or lead school with permission to recruit by DfE. Scholars are expected to have a subject relevant 2:1 (or predicted) degree.

Candidates with a 2:2 (or predicted) degree may be considered if they can demonstrate significant subject knowledge and have a relevant post-graduate degree. Successful applicants will receive additional support to enhance theirsubject knowledge and gain access to high-quality professional development resources.

Applications are open for all subjects.

For further details, including eligibility and how candidates apply, please visit Get Into Teaching.

4. Find Postgraduate Teacher Training service – status update

In May, DfE will start rolling over all your courses and locations in Publish teacher training courses for the ITT2020 cycle. We’ll automatically roll over all your current course details, including those imported from your UCAS Web-link profile in April. We’ll contact you soon to let you know the exact date this will happen.

Once we’ve rolled over your courses, you should check and update them to make sure they are correct for the next cycle. You can also schedule them to be published in Find postgraduate teacher training in October.

For queries, please email becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk.

5. Subject knowledge enhancement programme – for hard to fill subjects

If you are interviewing potential teachers who need to improve their subject knowledge, a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course could help. Intensive courses are available for candidates that need more support getting up to speed by the time they start their teacher training this autumn.

SKE courses are fully funded and available in biology, chemistry, computing, design & technology, English, geography, modern foreign languages, maths, physics, religious education and primary maths.

Eligible candidates with a 2:2 degree or above will receive a bursary of £200 per week to help with living costs.
To find a place for your candidates, please contact an SKE provider who will be happy to help with arranging a suitable course.

6. Professional Skills Tests – new centres opening

As we move towards the busy summer period for Skills Tests, please ensure your ITT candidates book places in plenty of time for entry into ITT2019, stressing the importance of attending and providing correct ID on arrival at test centres.

Last year during August alone, over 1,000 test places were wasted through non-attendance, and numerous candidates were unable to sit the test as they didn’t provide correct ID.

New test centres have opened in:

  • Hull
  • Peterborough
  • Hastings

Additional test centres will be available to book from the end of May in Carlisle and Folkestone.

Candidates can book the test at Skills Tests.

To view a full list of required documents, please visit Get Into Teaching.

If you are a large ITT provider not located near a test centre and would be interested in hosting a ‘pop up centre’ in time for clearing, please email skills.tests@education.gov.uk.

7. Education Support Partnership charity – free telephone counselling service for trainees

Education Support Partnership has expanded its free and confidential helpline service to include access for trainee teachers.

The helpline is run by trained and accredited counsellors who manage almost 10,000 cases of education staff in crisis every year.

Richard Faulkner, Head of Policy at the charity, said: “Our research points towards early career teachers being over 25% more likely to experience a mental health problem compared to their colleagues.”

“We want to ensure that those entering the profession have access to the highest quality emotional support from day one of their training.”

The charity also works directly with teacher training providers and SCITTs to offer an enhanced Employee Assistance Programme.

Trainee teachers can access support by calling free on 08000 562 561.

For more information, please visit www.edsupport.org.uk or email richard.faulkner@edsupport.org.uk.

ITT accredited provider and lead school updates and actions

8. Implementation of the Early Career Framework Prior Information Notice – deadline Friday 28 June 2019

On 20 March, we launched a Prior Information Notice (PIN), which notifies the market of the DfE’s intention to commence procurement for the development of high-quality Early Career Framework (ECF) curricula and materials, and the delivery of fully-funded training programmes to support schools to implement the ECF.

Market engagement events were held in early April to provide an opportunity for interested organisations to gain a better understanding of the planned procurement.

To view the PIN, including questions and answers on the planned procurement, please visit Contracts Finder on GOV.UK. The PIN closing date is Friday 28 June 2019.

For further information, please email ecf.procurement@education.gov.uk.

9. Important reminder from UCAS – summer recruitment pilot decision

Following feedback from the previous two cycles, UCAS will introduce the reject by default change for future recruitment cycles. This means the time you will have to make decisions on applications reduces from 40 to 20 working days.

This change will run from Monday 1 July until 6pm on Friday 20 September 2019. Any applications received up to and including Sunday 30 June 2019 will still have 40 working days to be considered. Applicants will continue to have 10 working days to accept an offer.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions; for queries, please email hep_team@ucas.ac.uk or call 0344 984 1111.

10.  Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (DTTP) – teacher apprentices

To help providers align the awards of QTS and the End Point Assessment, the postgraduate teaching apprenticeship academic year for ITT2019 will begin on Saturday 1 June 2019.

The increased grant funding rates will apply to any trainees who commence training on or after Saturday 1 June 2019.

To ensure that the DTTP correctly identifies the ITT2019 cohort and the correct funding is applied, please delay registering the ITT2019 cohort on the DTTP until after Thursday 1 August 2019.

It is essential that you adhere to these dates so that schools receive the correct, higher funding rates for the ITT2019 cohort and that trainees are reported in the ITT2019 trainee number census.

For any queries, please email teaching.apprenticeship@education.gov.uk.

11.  Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (DTTP) – ITT Performance Profiles 2017 to 2018

We advised all SCITTs and relevant HEIs on 16 April 2019 that they can now use the DTTP portal to check the 2017 to 2018 trainee data in readiness for the publication of the Performance Profiles. Sign off is required by midday on Friday 24 May 2019.

Please check the data for: a) SCITT data for 2017/18 b) HEI 2017 to 2018 trainees on Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS), Teach First or Assessment only (AO) routes

Specifically, please ensure that:

  • all trainees who took part in 2017 to 2018 are listed
  • all records have the correct trainee status: date left, reason for leaving and date standards assessment passed
  • the QTS or EYTS award date is correct
  • the number of trainees with QTS or EYTS awarded is correct

Please note, all HEIs will shortly be contacted about their HESA data.

Other initiatives to support your provision

12.  Reducing teacher workload – register for events to include Ofsted new inspection framework presentation

We will shortly be running two national events addressing teacher workload. Each event starts with a presentation from Sean Harford, National Director, Education, Ofsted, and other keynote presentations. These sessions will be followed by workshops run by school leaders on their strategies to reduce workload and how they used the DfE toolkit.

The events will be of interest to those involved in ITE to understand current developments in addressing workload. Members of senior leadership teams from all types of schools are welcome, as are Chairs of Governors.

Central London         Friday 17 May 2019, 10am for 10.30am to 3.30pm
Manchester              Thursday 23 May 2019, 10am for 10.30am to 3.30pm

Attendance at the events is free and spaces are limited, please click to register.

13. Teacher Subject Specialism Training

Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) courses are still available for this academic year. If you think your school or schools across your alliance could benefit from TSST, please visit teacher subject specialism training courses.

TSST is a free programme available to non-specialist teachers in secondary mathematics, core maths, physics and modern foreign languages to help increase subject knowledge and confidence. It could help with timetable planning and vacancy management, building capacity for schools to manage workforce challenges in these subjects.

Many teachers and schools have already benefitted from TSST over the past 3 academic years.

We’d like to share the experience of Tom, a PE teacher who trained to teach maths. You can read his blog on taking on a new challenge – making the move from PE to maths.

14. Teaching Vacancies – please promote the service to your trainees

Teaching Vacancies, the official job listing service from the Department for Education, now has over 45% of all schools in England signed up to advertise their vacant teaching posts.

We’ve launched a new job alerts function, enabling job-seeking teachers to get up to date notifications of suitable posts in their chosen location. Do encourage your trainees to start using this service rather than paid-for alternatives.

Teaching Vacancies is an official government service and trusted source, so no personal data will be shared or sold on to third parties. Please help to promote the service to your newly qualified teachers.

You can download materials from Google Drive, which include a new animated video, perfect for sharing on social media platforms.

Your trainees can view current job listings at find a job in teaching.

15. Teach First – finding high calibre, resilient and talented teachers

If you are looking for an easy and reliable way to recruit and train new teachers, the Teach First rigorous selection process guarantees high calibre candidates, with over 95% graduating with a first class or 2:1 degree. The programme also supports career changers to take up teaching, bringing transferable skills and expertise into classrooms across England.

Teach First provides training rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted; their trainees complete a two-year Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in parallel QTS and NQT training.

To find out how they work in partnership with schools, ensuring they also play a key role in shaping the initial training and development of trainees, watch this short video.

To find out more and to register your interest for new trainee teachers, visit Teach First.

16. Recruit teachers of modern foreign languages

Teachers of modern foreign languages are now available to recruit for a September 2019 start through Spain’s Visiting Teachers Programme (SVTP).

Teachers on this programme are highly skilled, qualified and bring a unique insight into the culture of their country which will inspire pupils to embrace learning languages.

We have shortlisted 55 teachers who are ready to work in English schools. They are all able to teach Spanish and some will also teach French or German.

To see an example of the teaching talent available, please listen to this candidate blog.

If you are a school recruiting languages teachers, please register your interest to this fully funded recruitment and acclimatisation programme.

17. ITT and teacher training-related team mailboxes

Policy area Mailbox
Accreditation, to become an accredited ITT provider i.e. HEI, SCITT, compliance with ITT criteria, ITT provider closure, ITT provider migration, Assessment Only route to QTS, Assessment Only criteria, Early Years ITT criteria ITT.ACCREDITATION@education.gov.uk
Allocations team, includes Permission to recruit ITT.ALLOCATIONS@education.gov.uk
Career Changers ITT.CAREERCHANGERS@education.gov.uk
DTTP – Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (previously DfE DMS) ITT.DataManagement@education.gov.uk
Early Career Content Framework Career.PROGRESSION@education.gov.uk
Find Postgraduate Teacher Training courses – new DfE Search service. For technical queries about the service (not for policy queries) becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk
Future Teaching Scholars A-Level.GRANTS@education.gov.uk
ITT funding including training bursary funding (tuition fee funded routes, School Direct tuition fee and salaried routes) ITT.Funding@education.gov.uk
Maths and Physics Chairs programme Chairs.GRANTS@education.gov.uk
NQT induction Teacher.INDUCTION@education.gov.uk
Paid Internships ITT.RECRUITMENT@education.gov.uk
QTS, NQT, Early Career Teachers (ECT) – policy queries only career.progression@education.gov.uk
Recruitment and Retention Strategy Recruit.RETAIN@education.gov.uk
Regional Marketing Events TeacherRecruitment.marketing@education.gov.uk
Register for apprenticeship providers (RoATP) RoATP.MAILBOX@education.gov.uk
Register for end-point assessment organisation Apprentice.ASSESSMENT@education.gov.uk
Returning Teachers ReturnTo.Teaching@education.gov.uk
School Experience Programme (SEP) – run by Teaching Line service to support schools that wish to offer candidates School Experience through the School Experience Portal schoolexperience@ta-recruit.education.gov.uk
School-led Train to Teach Events, pop up events, graduate recruitment fairs, brand ambassadors, application workshops and online events WhatsOn.WHERE@education.gov.uk
Skills tests – for delivery, availability related queries, not policy related Skills.TESTS@education.gov.uk
Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) – funding and policy related queries ske.inbox@education.gov.uk
System leaders – replaced all Teaching Schools mailboxes System.LEADERS@education.gov.uk
TRN numbers, early candidate issues QTS.ENQUIRIES@education.gov.uk
Undergraduate QTS opt-in ITT.RECRUITMENT@education.gov.uk
 You can see the last 3 issues on GOV.UK

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