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NASBTT Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone (TEMZ) podcasts, hosted by James Coleman, discuss a range of key topical issues relating to Teacher Education and Mentoring.  In each episode, James is joined by a guest who brings their own unique knowledge, insights and ideas.

Episode 6 - December 2020, Sam Twiselton, Director of Sheffield Institute of Education

In this podcast, host James Coleman is joined by Sam Twiselton, Director of Sheffield Institute of Education.  James and Sam cover a range of topics from the development of the core content framework, the impact COVID restrictions have had on training providers and analyse what's changed in teacher training over the past few years.’

Episode 5 - November 2020, with Aretha Banton and Youlande Harrowell founders of Mindful Equity UK

In this podcast, host James Coleman is joined by Aretha Banton and Youlande Harrowell, both Senior Leaders within schools and the founders of Mindful Equity UK.  Aretha and Youlande talk about their journeys to leadership as two black women within education, and what impact they hope to have through working collaboratively with schools and leaders across the country.

Episode 4 - October 2020, with Joe Burkmar

In this podcast, host James Coleman is joined by Joe Burkmar, who is Partnership Director at Wessex Schools Training Partnership. Joe discusses the changes he has made to support his mentors and teacher educators and the positive impact these changes have had on the progress of their trainees. So as always, settle in somewhere comfy, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy this episode of the TEMZ podcast.

Episode 3 - September 2020, with Di Swift

In this podcast, hosted by James Coleman, we hear from Di Swift, Executive SCITT Director, Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education.  Di discusses the vital role teacher educators play in the journey of a trainee teacher.  Di feels that the role of a Teacher Educator encompasses coaching, mentoring, but also encompasses that education of the beginning teacher in relation to the professions, 'big ideas'.

Episode 2 - September 2020, with Emma Hollis

In this podcast, hosted by James Coleman, we hear from Emma Hollis Executive Director at NASBTT.  Emma discusses the role of the mentor, the importance of the mentor the importance that the mentor has given time, space, recognition, commitment from their school leadership teams, to do their job well.  Emma also talks about the importance of demonstrating self-care to trainees so can bring up a generation of teachers who understand how important that is.

Episode 1 - July 2020, with Sinead McBrearty

In this podcast, hosted by James Coleman, we hear from Sinéad Mc Brearty, Chief Executive of Education Support.  We discuss mental health and the wellbeing of anyone working in the education sector in England.  We also consider how schools and providers can improve the emotional support for their staff and trainees as well as discussing the importance of the mentor/mentee relationship.