TEP case study: Kirsten Webber

TEP Level 3 Training Excellent Mentors, Coaches and Facilitators and TEP Level 4 Effective SCITT and School Direct Management

Kirsten Webber

Partnership Manager, Stockton-on-Tees Teacher Training Partnership

Kirsten Webber is Partnership Manager at Stockton-on-Tees Teacher Training Partnership. Having taken up her position in 2016, Kirsten is strategic lead for the partnership but the role encompasses everything from interviewing prospective candidates and training trainees to managing trainee difficulties and administrative tasks.

In 2018, Kirsten completed both the TEP Level 3 Programme: Training Excellent Mentors, Coaches and Facilitatorsand TEP Level 4 Programme: Effective SCITT and School Direct Management. “I signed up for the programme for the professional development opportunities it offers and as a way to gain reassurance for the direction in which I am taking the SCITT (or find out the opposite!),” she said. “I wanted to learn as much as I could about running a SCITT, make links with a wider range of colleagues than I already do at regional meetings and get the kudos of national accreditation that I can use as a unique selling point in our marketing. The networking opportunities are excellent, plus the sessions have proved to be thought-provoking and valuable to take my thinking to the next level.”

Kirsten revealed that the ability to deliver formal mentor accreditation following the TEP programme was especially valuable. “We have introduced the mentor accreditation, which is proving to be popular and a great way to give back to schools,” she said. “I have become more ambitious for the partnership and am now looking for ways to grow the partnership when previously I was focusing on maintaining it. The programme has given me the confidence to seek a new PGCE partner and to rip up our assessment process and reshape it as well as develop my strategic thinking for lots of aspects.”

The former School Improvement Adviser at Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council added: “I would definitely recommend the TEP programme. Often, it is the little tips that emerge which are the most useful, such as things to include in the partnership agreement. We had some very useful sessions on assessment against QTS, building and developing resilient trainees, marketing, advertising and recruitment, core policies and review processes. Really, everything was useful – I got something out of each session.”


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