TEP case study: Sarah Hand

TEP Level 4 Effective SCITT and School Direct Management



Sarah Hand

Head of System Leadership, Inspiring Futures Through Learning (IFtL) multi-academy trust

Sarah Hand is Head of System Leadership at the Inspiring Futures Through Learning (IFtL) multi-academy trust. Within this role, which she began in January 2018, Sarah is Head of the Milton Keynes Teaching School Alliance and the Two Mile Ash Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Partnership. She is responsible for programmes of ITT, Teaching School Alliance programmes of CPD and school-to-school support and ensuring that staff development opportunities are available within the multi-academy trust.

In 2018, Sarah completed the TEP Level 4 Programme: Effective SCITT and School Direct Management. “I wanted to increase my knowledge base so that I knew more and therefore felt I could make more knowledge-driven decisions,” she explained. “I also wanted to meet other SCITT leaders who were interested in collaborating – I find that many aspects of ITT are competitive and this can add a layer of uncertainty to collaboration. Additionally, I wanted to create some time where I could think, look at what we do and consider ways forward. It can be challenging to prioritise strategic time and protect it from operational tasks which also need to happen and can feel more urgent.”

Sarah said she had used the learning “to help me prioritise and seek a strategic view rather than solely the day-to-day operational one”. She continued: “I found it very helpful to spend time thinking and considering while hearing from facilitators and other delegates. There were moments of realisation that we needed to do something, but also that there were things we didn’t want to do. It can be as helpful to find lines of enquiry to close down in one’s organisation, as it is to find ones to open up and think about more. In many roles, it can be easy to become very operational and the course helped me work out some core priorities that would move my thinking on. I have also found it useful to have a manual to refer back to and the SCITT administration and management handbook has been particularly helpful in some situations I have needed clarification and guidance.”

Adding that the TEPs are “one way of supporting colleagues to develop and respond to the changing landscape of education and ITT”, Sarah said: “It is paramount that we network, learn with each other and make time to reflect and think. ITT is a specialised area and the knowledge, understanding and skills of teacher educators should be valued and developed. I would recommend NASBTT’s TEP programmes.”


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