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Transition to Teach is a new programme offered in the East Midlands and North of England, designed to promote teaching to professionals interested in changing careers and using their transferable skills to inspire the next generation. The programme does not provide initial teacher training, but instead aims to work in collaboration with ITT providers to offer an additional layer of bespoke support and guidance that helps this group successfully transition into a new career. Partner ITT providers could therefore benefit from:

  • support with recruitment initiatives;
  • the opportunity to be involved in the programme’s marketing and recruitment initiatives;
  • staff to support your assessment;
  • support to facilitate subject knowledge audits and subject knowledge enhancement courses;
  • advice and support on maximising the previous experience of each participant for the benefit of pupils; and
  • improved retention due to the additional layer of personalised wraparound support that participants receive.

We are also keen to investigate the opportunity to second staff from ITT providers for perhaps one or two days per week to work on the programme. So, if you are a provider interested in becoming involved or learning more, please email info@transitiontoteach.co.uk for a detailed discussion.

Website: https://www.transitiontoteach.co.uk

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