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The ROMtels project at Newcastle University has developed resources for initial teacher education providers on an inclusive pedagogical approach for pupils with English as an additional language (EAL). I am contacting you as the contact person for your SCITT, via the National Association of School-Based Teacher Training.  We are keen to get in touch with colleague(s) in your initial teacher education team with a focus on inclusion for pupils with EAL, so please could you cascade this email to your ITT colleagues?

If you or your team are already using these ROMtels resources, we invite you to contribute a case study to showcase your practice on the ROMtels website, where you will find examples from primary schools who have started using the resources. We are approaching you as SCITT-based ITT providers who could add to this body of evidence. Please email and to share examples from your own practice.

ROMtels has been shortlisted for Research Project Of The Year at the Times Higher Education Awards 2020, so this is an ideal time to connect with ITT practitioners to share practice. If these ROMtels resources are new to you, we invite you to download the Romtels handbooks free from

  • HB1 Translanguaging Pedagogy: handbook for teachers
  • HB2 Translanguaging Pedagogy: handbook for teacher educators
  • HB3 Schools and Plurilingual Communities Working Together: handbook for schools

Our project includes links to resources to support your use of a translanguaging pedagogy: video clips of translanguaging in and out of the classroom, as well as animations, software, and ‘how to’ guides. All these resources are free to download from

Tell us what you think of the resources by emailing us at and

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