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TSP is soon to launch a suite of T-ITaP modules to meet the new Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Intensive Training and Practice (ITaP) requirement. TSP’s T-ITaP modules have been carefully designed and tested to offer opportunities for trainees to engage with realistic scenarios focusing on foundational aspects of the ITT curriculum. TSP’s T-ITaP modules are built on a solid foundation of recent and relevant research.

Trainees benefit from immediate and targeted feedback focused on development of core teaching skills and competencies. Trainees reflect on authentic, teacher-developed classroom situations in a focused and immersive way. By offering tailored feedback from expert teachers, trainees are supported to understand what is it that makes such practice effective and to reflect on how they can embed these principles in their own teaching.

Before and after immersing themselves in the ‘near-world’ scenarios, trainees access a range of resources and readings to understand the links between theory and practice. T-ITaP modules also include a range of resources so trainees can apply what they have learnt from the online modules through role-plays, mini-teaching demonstrations, discussions and more.

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