Date published: 10th October 2019

Published by: UCAS


Dear Colleagues,

Please see an email below sent by UCAS.

2020 application cycle

The 2020 UCAS Teacher Training application cycle is now open. Potential applicants can now search, register, and apply for teacher training programmes starting in 2020. They have two windows in which they can make applications: Apply 1 and Apply 2.

  • Some applicants complete their application as soon as Apply 1 opens, so you should be prepared to receive your first applications today.
  • Apply 2 will open on Tuesday 29 October. This is another opportunity for applicants who have been unsuccessful with, or declined, all of their Apply 1 choices.

Download the UCAS Teacher Training calendar for an overview of key dates and actions in the 2020 cycle.

If you have any queries, please contact the HEP team on 0344 984 1111, or email  hep_team@ucas.ac.uk.

Kind regards

UCAS Teacher Training

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