The correspondence below was emailed to providers on 11th January 2019:

Capitation fee for the UCAS Teacher Training 2020 admissions service

UCAS has taken the decision to apply a small increase to the capitation fee for providers in the 2020 admissions cycle. This will ensure we are able to offer an accessible, trusted, and significantly improved admissions service, enabling providers to attract and recruit the students they want.

UCAS’ commitment to efficiency and reform

We recognise the significant financial pressures the HE sector is under. As such, we are pursuing a programme of efficiency measures, so that any price increases are kept to a minimum.

In July, we delivered a major, user-led redesign of ucas.com, which, with improved search engine optimisation, content, and social media, has helped reduce the volume of calls we need to handle, and as a consequence, reduced the cost of the Customer Experience Centre provision. This digital channel shift forms part of our strategy to lower costs, to serve and improve the customer experience. We have established a new commercial team to strengthen procurement and secure better value for money from suppliers. We have also closed UCAS’ in-house defined benefit pension scheme, reduced staff numbers, and let out part of the UCAS office building by rolling out flexible and mobile working, which has raised income to reinvest in services to providers, advisers, and applicants.

Looking ahead, UCAS will continue to automate back office processes and customer support services, to streamline the cost of delivery, and ensure resources are focused on continuously improving the services providers and students want, including working with HE sector partners and third parties to enable this.

To confirm, the capitation fee for the 2020 UCAS Teacher Training admissions cycle will be as follows:

Capitation fee Minimum charge
Price £26.45 (excl. VAT) No minimum fee
Change 70p No change


If you have any queries, please contact your relationship manager.

Kind regards

Provider Communications

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