Apply 2 is now open

Students who were unsuccessful in their original application can now use Apply 2 to secure a place. Within UCAS systems, Apply 2 choices are shown as a fourth choice, even if the applicant has not used all three choices in Apply 1.

For more information on how Apply 2 works please refer to our UCAS Teacher Training admissions guide.

Managing your training programmes  

When you open training programmes for the first time, they must be kept open for a minimum of two weeks and all applications received during this time must be considered.

As we’re now two weeks into the 2021 cycle, any programmes that were marked as open on 13 October can be closed – whether this is because you have filled your vacancies, or to help control the number of applications you’re receiving.

You can control the status in web-link (for Welsh providers) or the DfE Publish Tool (for English providers).

Share your UCAS Teacher Training experience

Customer centricity underpins everything we do; therefore, we’d be really grateful if you would share your thoughts on the service we provide in our annual UCAS Teacher Training survey. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes and will allow us to improve the service we provide.

Complete the survey

Issue affecting UTT Track

We are currently experiencing an issue with UTT track, where some users are unable to move past the initial ‘passport information’ screen when they log in, as it is timing out.

We are investigating the issue with one of our third party suppliers and will confirm once it has been resolved. In the meantime, if applicants call UCAS we are able to manually fix it for them.

UCAS Teacher Training Annual Review and Transition Update: Registration is now open

Our annual UCAS Teacher Training provider review is taking place on Wednesday 9 December.

Delivered digitally via Zoom, this year’s event will include:

  • An operational update and review of the 2019/2020 cycle
  • An exploration of the end of cycle data
  • A transition update from the DfE

To take part Register now.

2021 cycle application statistics

Next month we will release the first statistics for the 2021 application cycle – visit our timetable of data and releases page to view the release calendar for the full cycle.

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