Updates to scheme letters

Further to our update last month, we can confirm all UCAS Teacher Training correspondence are now sent electronically. The final letters we moved online this month are:

  • AP40 – sent to applicants where we identify they’ve been placed across two application schemes.
  • GT9 – sent to applicants after they have replied to offer to outline their choices.
  • GT12 (all versions) – after you’ve recorded your Confirmation decisions, this is sent to applicants to confirm decisions.

2021 cycle application statistics  

Tomorrow we’ll be publishing our monthly application statistics for the 2021 UCAS Teacher Training cycle.

The reference point for these statistics is Monday 15 February. The figures will be available on the UCAS Teacher Training statistical releases page of ucas.com.

You can now view them under embargo until they are published at 00:01 tomorrow.

Please note, the statistics in these reports reflect the total number of applicants who have applied through UCAS Teacher Training, and the DfE’s service.

If you have any questions, email communications@ucas.ac.uk

Logging into ucas.com/providers

Yesterday we introduced multi-factor authentication to the provider’s side of ucas.com – meaning each time you log in you’ll be emailed a unique code which you’ll need to copy and paste into your browser before you can access our provider systems and information.

The change will ensure we maintain rigorous security standards and protect the data we hold. If you have any questions or have trouble receiving our emails, contact our HEP Team.

Please note from March if you’re using Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) you won’t be able to login and access products and services via ucas.com. Please switch to an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox to ensure you have the best experience.

Invoices for successfully placed applicants in the 2020 cycle

You’ll soon receive your capitation invoice for all successfully placed applicants in the 2020 admissions cycle. This invoice will be sent to your UCAS Teacher Training finance contact, where possible. For training providers who haven’t given a UCAS Teacher Training finance contact, the invoice will be sent to the UCAS Teacher Training correspondent.

Please note, invoices will be sent to the training provider that has recruited the applicants. We’re not able to issue invoices to alternative training providers where arrangements are in place between training providers within a partnership.

Moving Welsh Teacher Training programmes to UCAS Undergraduate

From the 2022 cycle, Welsh postgraduate teacher training courses will be processed via the UCAS undergraduate scheme. This means all Welsh courses data will be managed via the collection tool (not via Weblink).

To ensure Welsh courses are ready for the opening of the 2022 cycle in May, we’ve created a new support guide to show how to move your courses across. Take a look and if you have any questions please do contact our Data Collection Team on coursesdata@ucas.ac.uk

Apply for teacher training – support joining the new service

To support providers in England throughout the change to the new Apply for teacher training service, the team at the Department for Education have prepared resources to offer information, timelines and guidance on next steps.

If you are a School Direct and you’re unsure of your timelines, sign up here to access support.

If you are an accrediting body and your organisation has yet to join DfE Apply for teacher training and has any questions or queries, please email: becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk

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