Renuka Sivakumaran

NPQLTD case study: Renuka Sivakumaran, Curriculum Lead – Professional Tutor, SCITTELS

Why did you sign up for the ITT NPQLTD, as opposed to a ‘general’ NPQLTD, and what were your original learning objectives/motivations?

“We originally signed up as a team in order to develop the skills to generate and maintain more school / mentor buy-in in advance of the changes in expectations taking effect in September 2024. As a team, we were very conscious of the fact that the trainees receive developmental training both from us and their placement schools, and were looking for a way to develop more consistency and collaboration across our partnership.”

How have those learning objectives being met, what have been your most valuable experiences along the way, and how have you applied the learning from the ITT NPQLTD in your day-to-day job?

“The facilitators from NASBTT (Emma Hollis, CEO, and James Coleman, Head of Operations and Training) were excellent in ensuring that the content was made relevant to people working in ITT. They made sure that we had plenty of opportunities to plan and reflect on the learning so that we were able to implement it in our day-to-day roles. When implementing changes, we have been much more mindful as a team to communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders in advance, and have found that this has supported buy-in and engagement.”

What have been the key benefits/impacts on you and your setting (or what do you expect these to be in the longer term)?

“We have further developed our implementation strategies and have been able to achieve a greater buy-in from schools and mentors this year.”

Overall, how significant has the role of NASBTT been for you, and the bespoke application of the NPQ to the ITT sector?

“I found the facilitators from NASBTT to be really knowledgeable and supportive. Although the materials were more focused on leading teacher development within a school setting, NASBTT ensured that there was time and opportunity to apply the learning to ITT and facilitated some really useful developmental discussions.”

Would you recommend the ITT NPQLTD to others and, if so, for what reasons?

“Yes, because I think the ITT NPQLTD is useful in supporting practitioners who are in the unique position of working across a number of different partnership schools to refine their practices and develop more cohesive, collaborative systems.”

Case study developed: March 2024

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