Member Resources and Services

NASBTT offers a wider range of resources, services, offers and benefits for Members.

video resource bank

NASBTT's Video Resource Bank has been developed in partnership with the Chartered college of Teaching. Videos are designed for use in training and development programmes with Trainees, Early Career Teachers, Mentors and Teacher Educators.

NASBTT's Video Resource Bank includes full lesson videos covering a wide range of subjects and phases, as well as SEND practice and mentoring and coaching sessions.

Edited purposefully, videos include optional pause points and suggested reflection questions to support learning. Videos can be viewed via the website or the video's URL can be shared and included in your training materials, presentations and professional development sessions.

Access to NASBTT's Video Resource Bank is subject to an annual subscription fee.


Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone

This dedicated free resource has been designed to support the professional learning and development of Teacher Educators and Mentors both individually and collectively as a profession.

Mentoring Resources - Based on our Professional Framework for Teacher Educators, our Mentoring Resources provide dedicated guidance, helpful tips and advice, articles, further reading, videos and handy printable guides.

Resources are easily accessible and designed to be a starting point for Teacher Educators and Mentors who are keen to develop their own practice and knowledge.

Subject Resources - Led by subject specialists, our Subject Resources provide Teacher Educators and Mentors with resources and information in the primary and secondary National Curriculum subjects.

Each subject area includes informative resources, recommended reading, instructional videos, useful articles, blogs, podcasts, links to Subject Association(s) and other relevant organisations, good practice ideas, subject specific events, professional learning opportunities and much more.

Access is free for all Teacher Educators and Mentors in all settings.


NASBTT Learn offers a wide range of online CPD modules through a digital library of training and development courses, to support and enhance your training offer for trainees and Early Career Teachers.

  • Flexible training and development: anytime; anywhere; on and offline.
  • Created by experts, interactive resources complement training and encourage sustained independent study and professional development.
  • Modules cover a wide range of topics including statutory issues, pastoral care, personal wellbeing and practical classroom skills.
  • Modules are mapped to the Core Content Framework and Early Career Framework.
  • Personalised CPD; trainees and Early Career Teachers can learn at their own pace and in their own time, and can use the modules as in instant source of reference material when needed.
  • Interactive learning, quizzes, self-evaluation activities and reflection exercises help trainees and Early Career Teachers consider their practice and assess their knowledge.
  • Tailored content to suit trainees needs or preferences.

NASBTT Learn us available to NASBTT Members at a discounted price. Members are invited to a free trial of NASBTT Learn.


Elevate My Maths

The support Members in provider-led assurance in the area of mathematics, NASBTT has developed a partnership with Vretta, an educational technology company specialising in maths. We are delighted to provide Members with access to Vretta's award-winning programme, Elevate My Maths.

NASBTT Elevate My Maths (NASBTT EMM) is an online diagnostic assessment of the applicant's maths skills that will help them identify the areas that require development.

On completion of the diagnostic assessment, the applicant is provided with a summative assessment and where relevant, signposted to online taught modules in their areas for development.

ITT providers can use NASBTT EMM as part of their assurances processes but final decisions on proficiency will form part of a wider professional judgement.

Access to the Elevate My Maths diagnostic tool is free to NASBTT Members.

Trainees or ITT providers can purchase access to the interactive online taught modules at £5 per module.


The Essential Guides for Early Career Teachers book series, edited by Emma Hollis (Executive Director, NASBTT) provides accessible, carefully researched, quick-reads for Early Career Teachers covering the key topics they will encounter during their training year and first two years of teaching.

Titles compliment and are fully in line with the ITT Core Content Framework and Early Career Framework and assist ongoing professional development by bringing together current information and thinking on each topic in one convenient place.

Members can purchase books at an exclusive discounted cost.

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