NASBTT is a registered charity committed to promoting high-quality schools-led programmes of training, education and professional development of teachers.

NASBTT represents the interests of schools-led teacher training provision in relation to the development and implementation of national policy developments. Our members include SCITT providers, School Direct Lead Schools, Teaching Schools, HEIs as well as a range of other organisations involved in the education and professional development of teachers.  We have 195 members representing almost 7,000 individual trainees.

NASBTT is here to:

  • raise the standard of teaching;
  • support excellent provision;
  • offer programme management and development advice;
  • provide resources and toolkits;
  • create evidence-based research;
  • share best practice;
  • facilitate peer-to-peer networking;
  • convene conferences, events and meetings;
  • provide professional recognition;
  • deliver compelling continuous professional development;
  • inform government policy;
  • represent member interests.
"When I set up our SCITT I found the advice and support from NASBTT invaluable."

"Their availability to consult, not least on potentially thorny issues, and the wisdom they impart have been particularly important to us on our journey."

"They are quite simply the go-to people for advice, guidance and common sense when it comes to school-based teacher training."

"I am a complete advocate of NASBTT – they are effectively our right arm!"

"The overall experience [of NASBTT] is really good and membership is not something I would ever look to cut from our budget. It is most definitely a worthwhile investment in terms of everything we get back.”