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As I write this blog for NASBTT we have just completed our fourth week in school. A whole month under our belt as trainee teachers. This past month has been a wonderful introduction into teaching, confirming that this is the path for me. Being school-based has exposed me to a variety of experiences, some surprising, some successful, but nothing can compare to the support I have received. Here are my first impressions.


Like many trainee teachers, I chose the SCITT route to get hands-on. To learn inside the classroom and from real-life examples. That being said, I had absolutely no idea how quickly I would feel part of the school and the department.

Being school-based, having a team to work with and bounce ideas off, has only improved my learning and subsequently the teaching I am doing this early on in my teacher training.

I am continuously surprised by the kindness I have received. I am receiving exactly what I want to be providing to my current and future students.


Which takes us seamlessly into how supported I feel in my current placement and the SCITT as a whole. I would not describe myself as naturally confident, but the belief others have shown in me has made such an impact.

As a Design and Technology trainee, with a textile specialism, there have been so many opportunities for me to develop my resistant materials subject knowledge, which I am loving!

The tailored support, and this personalised approach to my learning needs, really cannot go without being celebrated. I am very grateful for the emphasis put on my learning so far.


Before starting the training through Basingstoke SCITT Alliance I really struggled celebrating my own successes. I honed in on the developmental but, with the live coaching approach to training, I can acknowledge opportunities and enjoy the successful moments in a much healthier way.

My mentor, SCITTCo and training provider all share one common goal: to see us all do well and succeed in our new profession.

The beauty of being school-based is that when I am finding something challenging, I do not have to look far to see excellent models. I see a constant reminder of why I want to teach and the impact that teachers have.

Many of my key takeaways so far have not just been education-based, they have been personal, ensuring a strong, resistant foundation to build a long-lasting teaching career upon.

Coral Fowley is a trainee at Basingstoke Alliance SCITT

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