NASBTT's ITT SEND Toolkit has been created in partnership with nasen to offer SEND support, resources and guidance to providers.

This Toolkit has been broken down into key areas and easy to use sections.  Click on the links below to view the sections.

nasen SEND Gateway ITT Resources

The nasen SEND Gateway ITT Resources are designed to help early career teachers develop effective and inclusive habits. Whether you are training as a teacher, or training teachers, these resources are freely available for you to work through together; sharing and exploring a pedagogy for teaching pupils who can find learning difficult.

As you navigate these pages, those of you who are new to teaching have the opportunity to work with your mentors, colleagues, or your tutors, as you develop your skills and your understanding to be a teacher of everyone. Compatible with instructional coaching, the materials are embedded in the context of everyday teaching in diverse and dynamic classrooms and applicable to teachers of all key stages.

Informed by practitioner expertise, these resources support the novice teacher to learn like an expert, alongside teacher mentors and professionals. The ambition is to enable trainees to develop flexible and adaptive approaches from the outset of their career, to enable them to enjoy the professional challenge of teaching children across the ability range.

Rather than experiencing a feeling of ‘reality shock’ when induction starts, these resources support early career practitioners to be responsive to pupil need and adapt instruction for struggling learners. In turn, this enables better curriculum engagement and improved outcomes.

The resources are a valuable companion to the ITT Core Content Framework and the Early Career Framework.’

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