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Building oracy: take part in Great Debate 2024

The Great Debate is a public speaking competition where students have five minutes to present their speech arguing their answer to the question. This year the question is: Which historical…

Listening to Young Voices about history in schools

The Historical Association is leading a project to engage with young voices. You can listen to the first round of this work, in which students in a variety of schools…

History for sustainable futures free CPD modules

UCL has released this research-informed, free professional development to help teachers embed climate change and sustainability into their teaching. The modules are free and can be accessed any time.

Subject Resources

Welcome to the Secondary History resources space! This space will be regularly updated to provide the best possible subject support for teacher educators. The secondary history teaching community is very active both in the UK and worldwide.

This is therefore a small selection of what is available. The selection has been curated to try to be most helpful to school-based teacher educators in England.

The focus is on resources to develop trainees’ knowledge of what school history is and how to teach it, and also upon the development of key areas of subject knowledge. It includes material specifically for teacher educators, resources you can give to trainees to tackle specific issues, and links to organisations with free high quality history CPD.

If you find anything you think is invaluable that you would like to see added to this section, please do let us know.

If you were to do just two things, then the first would be to join the Historical Association with corporate membership. The HA is the subject association for history teachers and, via corporate membership (with a discount for MATs), you, mentors and trainees will have access to online history specific CPD, the Teaching History journal and its archive, podcasts from historians and leading history teachers and regular updates. The second thing to do would be to sign up to the History Teachers Education Network (HTEN). This sibling organisation of the HA is a network of teacher educators across the UK and they hold regular online half day conferences specifically for people working with trainee history teachers.

Historical Association

The HA is the subject association for history teachers and has a very lively membership. It publishes the journals ‘Primary History’ and ‘Teaching History’. Membership gives access to a huge range of material, from resources for beginning teachers and subject leaders, to podcasts from historians and resources for students.




This is an organisation specfically for people who lead and organise history ITE. They hold half day events once a term and work closely with the HA.


The European network of history and citizenship educators. They frequently organise online and free events for history teachers across the world.

  • Thinkinghistory An absolute goldmine for history and history teacher educators at any stage of their career. Ian Dawson (textbook author and former Director of SHP) has been running this website for years and the quality of the resources and thinking is second to none.
  • Schools History Project The SHP began in the 1970s and continues to be a leader in high quality and innovative thinking in history teaching.
  • OneBigHistoryDepartment The blog of the HA’s Secondary Committee. Colleagues from across the country share ideas and resources.
  • YorkClio - Lots of useful links and resources put together by York and area teachers.

  • Lobworth history education blog The blog of an outstanding history teacher, history teacher educator and leading curriculum thinker who is also an associate editor of Teaching History.
  • Literacy in history blog One of the leading voices making sense of how literacy really works in the history classroom. This blog is based on research into the topic over time.
  • Stamford History Education Group Resources from Professor Sam Wineburg at Stamford University, including materials for teaching digital citizenship and competence.
  • National Archives A very useful site for teachers from the leading repository of historical sources in the country. Their education team is able to do sessions for teachers online and face-to-face.
  • UCL Centre for Holocaust Education The leading research centre in the UK and their education team will lead sessions for teachers online and face-to-face. The Holocaust is the only substantive content that is compulsory in the History KS3 NC (due to the Stockholm Declaration of 2000).
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For a more comprehensive list of reading please visit the Historical Association and The Guided Bibliography for History Education. 

Handy History Teaching Tips podcast 

Virtually Teachers podcast 

Justice2History podcast

Past Times: Talking and Teaching History podcast

HEIRNET on YouTube 

Debates about bringing the teaching of the past forward 

Be Bold History Network CPD

TEMZ Event: Secondary Geography and History - Rethinking Wider Reading through the ReTeach Project

Session Overview:

The ReTeach project for Geography is a collaborative effort by teachers for teachers seeking fresh viewpoints, deeper subject knowledge and diverse thinking. This session will support you with how to incorporate wider reading into the curriculum to improve and enrich the content that is taught, along with ideas to maximise the precious PPA time for wider reading and learning.

Expected Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise and understand the value of wider reading beyond the curriculum spec
  • Develop workable strategies to help you incorporate wider reading into both the curriculum and professional development.

Facilitator info:

Kit Marie Rackley (they/she) is an award-winning ex high-school Geography teacher in the UK. They have worked as an education consultant and project manager climate and energy scientists, including researchers based at NOAA Boulder, Colorado and as an educator and trainer at the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco, California, and is now freelance consultant with the UK’s Geographical Association and the National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT). They are a published educational author, including works with National Geographic Kids and Diverse Educators. Kit Marie is a strong and passionate advocate of youth voice and empowerment, decolonising the curriculum, and inclusive and intersectional education. Much of their work revolves around the climate crisis, focusing around framing it as a school safeguarding issue. Kit Marie runs an educational resource blog at, and is host and producer of the Coffee & Geography podcast.


Watch the recording here:

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