Welcome to NASBTT's Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone (TEMZ)

This dedicated resource has been designed to support the professional learning and development of Teacher Educators and Mentors both individually and collectively as a profession.

We believe it is vital to recognise the role of the Teacher Educator as a professional who is instrumental to the development of early career teachers.

Our Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone (TEMZ) includes mentoring and subject resources.

Access is free of charge for all Teacher Educators and Mentors in all settings.


Based on our Professional Framework for Teacher Educators, our mentoring resources provide dedicated guidance, helpful tips and advice, articles, further reading, videos and handy printable guides.

Resources are easily accessible and designed to be a starting point for Teacher Educators and mentors who are keen to develop their own practice and knowledge. The content is built on existing theory and research, as well as first-hand practical advice that can be implemented quickly.

Led by our subject specialists, our subject resources provide Teacher Educators with resources and information in the primary and secondary National Curriculum subjects.

Each subject area includes informative resources, recommended reading, instructional videos, useful articles, blogs, podcasts, current topical newsfeed, good practice ideas, professional learning opportunities and much more.


Match Minis Videos for Teachers

December 16, 2022

Match Minis are a brilliant free resource (created in the US). It is a collection of short videos that can be used by a mentor or subject lead to help…

Make:able is an assistive technology design challenge, brought to you by PrintLab, Autodesk & partners 

December 16, 2022

Design and make a 3D printed product or prototype that improives the day to day life of someone with a disability or the elderly. Make:able 3D Printing Challenge | PrintLab…

The rise and fall of D&T with David Spendlove 

December 16, 2022

The rise and fall of D&T with David Spendlove: A reflection on the EPI report commissioned by the D&T Association and some of the wider issues that influenced D&T status…

The next step of the redesigning Design & Technology project

December 16, 2022

Alison Hardy presents 3 podcasts where she talks about the ‘next step of the redesigning Design & Technology project’, taking an ‘activist and consensus approach’  Redesigning D&T part 1,2 &…

Re-imagining D&T final report 

December 16, 2022

‘Supporting and rebuilding design, innovation, and creativity in our schools’ (following Roundtables and Teacher Consultations) DaTA Reimagining Design and Technology – D&T Association (data.org.uk)

Self-efficacy in primary languages – Part 3

December 12, 2022

Kate Percival, Primary MFL Consultant discusses tried and tested methods to encourage learners’ self-efficacy when language learning.

Introduce stopmotion animation to explore connections with nature

December 9, 2022

This YouTube video is so engaging for both children and teachers! Why not give it a go?  

Mental health resources for children, students, parents, carers and school/college staff

December 9, 2022

A useful collection of resources from the DFE as we recognise the challenges that our young people face with their mental health. DfE Education Hub

Ask the Experts – What does leading a subject in school look like? How can we do this most effectively?

December 6, 2022

We asked our Subject Specialist Associate Consultants “What does leading a subject in school look like? How can we do this most effectively?” Here is what they told us; Lynn…

How and why? Developing a Professional Framework for Teacher Educators

December 6, 2022

Elizabeth White – Principal Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire 1 June 2022 The Professional Framework for Teacher Educators was designed by teacher educators, for teacher educators, to guide their professional learning…