The DfE’s invitation to tender for curriculum design and delivery of the early roll-out of the Early Career Framework in the pilot areas from September 2020 has now been published. Details can be found here. We are delighted to note that the tender encourages partnership working. This means there is scope for providers to submit bids either as partnership leads or working in collaboration with others as a delivery partner. This early roll-out will be used as a test and learn phase after which new partnerships will be offered opportunities to become involved in national roll out in September 2021. This national roll out will reach around 50,000 early career teachers and mentors each year, meaning significant capacity will be needed for delivery. We believe there is a vital role for our members to play in this landscape, should they so wish. The deadline for the submission of tenders is 9 August 2019.

Please contact the DfE if you have any questions about the tender exercise. It would be helpful if you could keep us informed about any clarifications you receive.

Project information is availavle here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this procurement for?

A: This procurement is for materials and training to support early roll-out of the Early Career Framework on 28 June 2019.  Interested bidders have been asked to submit bids to develop and deliver a range of products to support schools in the first stage of implementing the Early Career Framework from September 2020. The deadline for submission of bids is 9 August. Successful bidders will be announced in the Autumn when we will also issue further information.

Q: How many contracts are you hoping to award, and for how much?
We anticipate awarding 5 contracts although there is potential to award slightly more or less contracts depending on the evaluation of the bids we receive. We have up to c£12 million available across these contracts. We actively welcome bidders who want to work in partnerships and consortia.  Further information on the procurement requirements can be found here: https://education.app.jaggaer.com/esop/guest/go/public/opportunity/current

Q: Who is eligible to bid?

A: We welcome bids from organisations with an interest in supporting early career teachers including schools. We welcome bids from single organisations as well as bids from groups of organisations working in partnership. National and local organisations, universities and schools are all welcome to bid.

Q: I have a question regarding the procurement?

A: All questions regarding the procurement must be submitted through the formal clarification process. Details of this can be found within the Invitation to Tender here: https://education.app.jaggaer.com/esop/guest/go/public/opportunity/current


Q: Will there be another procurement for national roll-out?

A: Further procurement activity will be undertaken for national roll-out, building on products developed at early roll-out.


Q: Why is the Invitation to Tender being launched over the summer period when schools and universities will have limited time to put forward a bid? 

A: We have already provided indicative timings for the release of the Invitation to Tender through the prior information notice and at the Market Engagement events held in early April.  If the launch of the Invitation to Tender was delayed until the Autumn, this could pose a potential risk to the start of early roll-out in September 2020.


Q: How are you taking in to account the importance of subject-specific support?

A: This government has been a champion for the importance of subject knowledge. As such, we are very clear that developing subject knowledge is crucial for early career teachers and this is an integral part of the Early Career Framework. For the first time, we are putting in place a system which ensures that Early Career Teachers will have an entitlement to training underpinned by the Early Career Framework which has a specific focus on subject and curriculum knowledge. In Standard 3 of the Early Career Framework, we have placed subject and curriculum knowledge as central to what early career teachers must learn about and learn how to do. These reforms will ensure early career teachers have adequate time and space to develop their subject knowledge, which we know is critical to producing effective teachers. Following feedback from market engagement, we have made clear in the Invitation to Tender that materials produced must either draw from a range of subjects, phases and contexts or include separate sets of materials which are subject, phase and/or context-specific.

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