Joint message from the DfE and the ESFA released today:

Good afternoon,

We are writing to inform you that the ESFA will open the register of apprenticeship training providers (the register) for applications on 28 February and will close at 17:00:00 on 9 March 2018. We will communicate results during April 2018.

The register will open through our ‘extenuating circumstances’ procedure referred to in section 11 of our application instruction document. We are targeting all accredited Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Providers not included on the register. If you intend to deliver the post-graduate teaching apprenticeship standard from September, you must apply at this opening and be successful in your application.

Our decision to apply extenuating circumstances is based on a need to ensure there are sufficient ITT providers in place to deliver the post-graduate teacher training apprenticeship from September 2018.

Are you interested in making an application to the register?

You will need to email Teaching.Apprenticeship@education.gov.uk by 21 February so that the ESFA can invite you to complete your application from 28 February. If you miss this deadline, you run the risk of not receiving an invitation to complete an application. If you applied during a previous opening of the register, we would be grateful if you could express your interest in applying.

When you email, we need to know the username you have used to register on our e-tendering portal and the email address that you used for registration. This is to make sure we can identify your organisation on our system.

In your email, please also include your UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN) and the legal name this is linked to on the UK Register of Learning Providers. It is important that the legal entity that is the accredited ITT provider (named on a provider’s Accreditation Certificate) makes the application to the register. Only accredited ITT providers are eligible to apply at this extenuating circumstances opening of the register. If you need further assistance on clarifying who that is please contact ITT.Accreditation@education.gov.uk before  21 February.

Name on e-tendering portal:

Email address used for registration on e-tendering portal:


Legal name on UKRLP:

Registration on our e-tendering portal

If you have already registered on our e-tendering portal but you have forgotten your password, or user details, please email help@bravosolution.co.uk.

If you have never registered, you will need to:

  • access our e-tendering portal webpage
  • click the registration link
  • read through our user agreement
  • complete the registration form which includes an organisation details section and a user details section
  • you will then receive an email from Bravo Solution with your username and password (please check your spam or junk folder in case it has been diverted)
  • when you log into the e-tendering portal for the first time you will need to change your password, you have then successfully registered on our e-tendering portal

Where do I find your register questions on the e-tendering portal?

You will not be able to see the questions or the area you need to complete your answers until we have opened for applications on 28 February. To help you prepare, we have attached a copy of our register questions and financial health assessment toolkit. In particular, you will want to focus on drafting your statements for questions CA-01c, QA-09,  QA-10 and QA-11 which have a 2000 character limit for each answer.

If you have any questions that are specific to your organisation completing the application these will need to be raised through our e-tendering portal from 28 February, however we will answer general enquiries about the application process through roatp.mailbox@education.gov.uk

We will also run a webinar during the week commencing 19 February that will give an overview of the application process. This will also give you an opportunity to ask questions before the application process begins. We will send a copy of the questions raised at the webinar, and answers, through our e-tendering portal when we open for applications on 28 February. Further information regarding the webinar will be sent to you next week.

Kind Regards

Education and Skills Funding Agency

Apprenticeship register team


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