Published date: Monday, 30th November 2019

John Thornby from the University of Warwick is leading a research project examining ‘what kinds of people are being attracted to teaching’. He wishes to gain feedback from PGCE and SCITT students. Please find information below regarding the project and how your trainees can get involved.

Study Overview

This is a quantitative study, examining what kinds of people are being attracted to teaching in different subject disciplines and training pathways. The principal aim is to investigate if there are any significant differences in the motivational characteristics of teachers in different subjects, with a view to establishing whether subjects offering training bursaries are attracting a qualitatively different kind of applicant. The survey measures different aspects of teachers’ motivations, as well as their attitude towards their subject, emotional intelligence and other facets of personality and psychological type. The second phase of the study uses trainees’ course completion data to test whether certain characteristics (measured in phase 1) improve trainees’ chances of successfully completing their training and excelling in the classroom. Feeding into the policy debate about whether the present spending on incentives represents good value for the taxpayers’ money, as well as yielding information about individual differences that is potentially useful in differentiating ITE provision and targeted support.

Take Part

If your trainees wish to take part, please email jhoskins@nasbtt.org.uk with their full name and email address. We will then share an online link for you to pass on and for your trainees to complete. The questionnaire takes no longer than 15 minutes to be completed.

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