The 10% tolerance introduced in 2017/18 will continue for the 2018/19 recruitment year, and will apply to fixed subjects (PE and Primary SDS) under the 2018/19 allocations methodology.

We appreciate that ITT Providers and School Direct lead schools will want to recruit to meet their allocations in fixed subjects, but also need to safeguard against attrition. To support this, we can confirm that providers and schools will not be penalised should they over recruit by up to 10% for fixed subjects in 2018/19. For clarity, guidance on this is provided in the table below. Providers and schools will not need to update the Data Management System (DMS).

Places Allocated 10% Tolerance
1-14 1 additional place
15-24 2 additional places
25-34 3 additional places
35-44 4 additional places
45-54 5 additional places
55-64 6 additional places

Please note that for PE places, the banding above only applies to the allocations that were awarded in September of 2017, and does not apply to places awarded under the PE with EBacc scheme. This is because places awarded under the PE with EBacc scheme are for specific candidates that have met the set criteria and are not transferrable.  However, there is no restriction on the number of additional places that providers can request under this scheme where applicants meet the criteria.

Primary School Direct (salaried)

For Primary School Direct (salaried) places, the banding above applies to current allocations.  As you know, in January of 2018, we shared the opportunity for lead schools to request more Primary School Direct (salaried) places. Schools should contact the Allocations team (ITT.ALLOCATIONS@education.gov.uk) for more information on how to request these places.

The Allocations Team

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