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Apply for teacher training is now live, and is already being used by 110 providers to recruit candidates to over 1,500 courses.

We’re always making improvements to our service based on your feedback.

As one of the providers currently using Apply for teacher training, we’ll be writing to you every month to keep you updated on the service and any upcoming activity.


‘Reject by default’ deadlines are changing

From 1 July, ‘reject by default’ dates will be shortened from 40 days to 20 days. Candidates will still have a ‘decline by default’ time of 10 days. To check your deadlines please log in to Manage teacher training applications.

Tell candidates about your qualification requirements

When listing a course on Find postgraduate teacher training courses, make sure to include any qualification requirements you may have. In the requirements section of your course page you should state the minimum academic qualifications needed for this course – this is especially important if they differ from the standard minimum qualifications for teacher training (a degree, and Cs in GCSE maths and English).

What’s new on the candidate form?

Enabling candidates to apply again

We’ve now expanded our existing service to enable candidates to apply again if their application was not successful the first time.

Based on feedback from candidates and providers we know that candidates may need extra support to continue their journey into teaching.

So we’ve made some changes and candidates can now:

·        make changes to their application by editing things like their personal statement

·        review the reasons why they were not successful in previous applications

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks we will be focusing our attention on delivering a service that works for international candidates and considering how we can improve the service when it comes to your ‘end of cycle’ activities.

We’re running user research to test some new designs around the following topics:

·        deferring applications

·        closing the current cycle and preparing for the next

·        providing performance data for the next cycle

·        providing reporting data

If you’re interested in taking part in research to share your thoughts on any of these topics, please get in touch by emailing becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk with an available time and date to book in a session with our user research team.

If you have any questions, feedback you’d like to share or if you’d like to opt-out of this newsletter please email becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk

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