The Department for Education (DfE) has today published guidance on ITT funding for the academic year 2024 to 2025.

We have now announced the financial incentives for ITT courses starting in 2024/25

Full details are available here:
Funding: initial teacher training (ITT), academic year 2024 to 2025 – GOV.​UK (www.gov.uk)


We are offering tax-free bursaries of £28,000 in chemistry, computing, mathematics, and physics. Scholarships worth £30,000 tax-free will be offered in partnership with professional bodies for chemistry, computing, mathematics, and physics. A languages scholarship worth £27,000 tax-free will be available in French, German and Spanish.

We are also offering a £25,000 tax-free bursary for biology, design & technology, geography and languages (including ancient languages). £10,000 tax-free bursaries will be available in English, and we are reintroducing £10,000 tax-free bursaries in art & design, music and RE.

We are continuing to offer bursaries and scholarships to all non-UK national trainees in languages and physics. This is alongside continuing the £10,000 international relocation payment (IRP) to help with visa costs and other moving expenses.

Providers offering the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship will be able to access increased grant funding equivalent to the bursary in chemistry, computing, mathematics, physics, French, German and Spanish. This is in addition to the £9,000 apprenticeships levy funding.

Information about bursaries and scholarships will be added automatically to your published course pages for the relevant subjects.

There will be some changes to the IRP eligibility criteria for trainees, with some additional actions for providers. We will include full details in the updated ITT Funding Manual, due to be published later this year

Funding: initial teacher training (ITT), academic year 2024 to 2025

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