Dear colleague,

We’re writing to tell you about changes we’re making to the process of requesting postgraduate teacher training courses and getting permission to recruit trainees to them. We’re introducing these changes to make things quicker and simpler for training providers.

In this email, we set out what you need to do this year as an accredited body. The changes apply to courses in the 2021/22 recruitment cycle – those advertised on Find postgraduate teacher training from October of this year. Please bear in mind that, because of possible delays due to coronavirus, dates given may change – we’ll give you advance notice if this happens.

At a glance

The major changes are:

you’ll only need to request certain courses

  • you’ll be requesting courses and receiving permission to recruit largely through Publish teacher training courses (the publishing service for Find)
  • you won’t need to give as much information about projected recruitment figures as you have in the past

Which courses do you need to request?

You only need to request:

  • fee-funded PE (courses without a salary)
  • early years initial teacher training (EYITT)
  • all undergraduate courses

You’ll need to request these courses if you’re offering them yourselves, or if you’re the accredited body for them. Only accredited bodies can send requests, so you may need to do this on behalf of training partners. You’ll also be asked for projected recruitment figures (the only exception is current PE courses that you’re requesting again for the next cycle).

You can request PE in Publish from early June to mid-July 2020. For EYITT and undergraduate, you’ll be asked to complete a Google Form – we’ll send you a link to this in June. You’ll receive confirmation of how many places you’ve been allocated in September.

What you need to do – all other courses

All other postgraduate courses are ‘uncapped’, which means you can recruit any number of students to them. You won’t have to request these or give projected recruitment figures for them (even if you have in the past).

You’ll automatically get permission to recruit to these courses in September 2020. This will happen after your current courses have been copied over in Publish (this is sometimes known as ‘rollover’), and you’ve confirmed they’re correct for the next cycle and want to run them again. All training providers can do this, not just accredited bodies – you won’t need to do it on behalf of your partners.

Rollover will begin in the early summer – we’ll contact you with more information closer to the time. Courses for 2021/22 will be published to Find around 1 October, and applications will open the following week.

What you won’t need to do

You won’t need to:

  • complete and send a requests spreadsheet
  • use a spreadsheet to send any further requests throughout the year for uncapped courses

Why are we making these changes?

We’ve made these changes based on extensive feedback from training providers. We wanted to make it much simpler to request courses – which is why, starting from this year, you’ll be able to use Publish to cover all aspects of this process.

We also wanted to make sure we only ask you for numbers when it’s absolutely necessary. In previous years, the information we’ve collected has sometimes been inaccurate. We’ve found that using past recruitment data is a much better way to allocate places.

If you have any questions, contact us at becomingateacher@digital.education.gov.uk. If anyone else in your organisation needs to be aware of this email, please forward it to them.

Becoming a Teacher team

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