In April, DfE put out an advert for ITT Market Quality Associates. In the candidate information pack, the following wording was used: “They [ITT associates] will also support the anticipated closure of a number of providers, ensuring smooth market exit and transfer of trainees to other providers”.

We have been informed that this wording has concerned some ITT providers. We understand these concerns given the ongoing ITT accreditation process.

ITT associates already play a vital role in the ITT provider closure process and will continue to do so. Their role is set out in the following guidance: Initial teacher training (ITT): provider closure and withdrawal of ITT accreditation – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk).

ITT associates will use their expertise to provide support for high-quality programme design, content and delivery, in line with the 2024/25 ITT criteria. They will play a key role in supporting our aim of improving the quality and consistency of ITT provision in all areas of the country.

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