30 May 2019

You may have seen we had a message in this month’s Teacher Recruitment Bulletin in which we were asking that all providers remind their ITT candidates to get their Skills Tests booked in before we hit clearing.  We also mentioned the fact that last August over 1,000 tests places were wasted through non-attendance, and numerous candidates were unable to sit the test as they didn’t provide correct ID so we’ve asked that candidates be reminded about what they need to take with them to the test centres.  It is on our webpages and the email confirmation for their test.

As you may be aware we have new test centres in:

  • Hull;
  • Peterborough; and
  • Hastings.

Additional test centres will be available to book from June in Carlisle and Folkestone.

PSI, our delivery partners, are also looking to work with large ITT providers who are not close to a centre to open “pop up centres”  for clearing.  If you know of anyone who might be interested please email us on Skills.TESTS@education.gov.uk and we’ll put them in touch with PSI.

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