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Published on: 14th February 2020

The importance of kindness in schools

Heart on a window
Schools are the perfect place to cultivate more kindness not only as a means towards a more harmonious society but also as an antidote to some of the toxicity in our education system says Adrian Bethune. Find out more.

Feedback not marking

Teacher marking books
Mrs Humanities reduced her workload by making the move from marking to feedback in the classroom. Here she shares how she did it whilst ensuring students received timely, useful feedback to enable them to progress. Read more.

Confessions of a teacher – we’re only human

BBC Teach film - we're only human
Teachers have opened up in this new film we’ve made with BBC Teach about the impact teaching can have on their personal lives, particularly when it comes to coping with debt and money worries. Read more.

Martyn’s story

Primary school teacher Martyn was in his eighteenth year of teaching when he found himself in need of help from our grants service following an injury. Read his story.

Celebrating excellence

The 2020 Pearson Teaching Awards recognise and celebrate the exceptional and life changing work of teachers and lecturers across the country. Find out more.

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