Cog Science Book

Cognitive science is fast becoming the cornerstone for understanding how students learn, so it’s important to build an understanding of its use in the classroom. Kelly Richens, the author of this book, has over 10 years of experience in schools.

Linked to the Early Career Framework, this book provides an understanding of cognitive load theory and its application to teaching for all those training or new to the job.

The techniques informed by cognitive science are evidence-based and proven to work, providing clear benefits for both the early career teacher and your pupils. This book outlines the principles of cognitive load theory and metacognition so that you can feel in control of your own learning and understand how to harness the learning of your students.  It provides concise explanations and practical strategies that you can use in the classroom.

“How teachers are trained is critical – for all our futures. Which is why I am confident that the work of Kelly Richens makes a difference. Her artful blend of cognitive science and nurturing humanity is the perfect blend for those embarking on the most challenging and satisfying of professions” Oliver Caviglioli


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