The main contact for your organisation in the DfE DMS for ITT allocations 2019/20 should have received the letter below on 18th June 2018:

Dear Colleague,

Final Week to Request ITT Places for 2019/20 

We wrote to you on 4 June to confirm the opening of the window to request ITT places for the 2019/20 academic year. Thank you to those providers and lead schools who have already submitted this information.

As per the guidance, you must submit information on subjects and routes in which you plan to offer ITT for 2019/20 on the Data Management System (DMS) before midday on Friday 22 June 2018. Lead schools must also ensure that their provider ratifies all their School Direct and Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship places before the deadline.

You will not be able to list your courses as open for recruitment or access any DfE funding associated with training places unless you submit this information. If you do not submit this data by the deadline, we will proceed on the basis that you are not running ITT courses in 2019/20.

School Direct and the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship

School Direct (salaried) will continue alongside the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship for 2019/20. Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship places must be requested on the DMS, and details on how to request them can be found in the published guidance.

Primary with Mathematics

We have identified that Primary with Mathematics was not listed as an available course option on the DMS when the window opened on 4 June. This has now been rectified. You can now request Primary with Mathematics places on the DMS if you wish to run this course in 2019/20.

Multiple Year Allocations

If your organisation has been awarded Multiple Year Allocations you are still required to submit information on the subjects and routes in which you plan to offer ITT in 2019/20.

Technical Guidance

The attached documents provide detailed guidance on how to submit the relevant information on the DMS.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Allocations Team at itt.allocations@education.gov.uk.

Kind regards

ITT Allocations Team

SCITT DMS User Guide
HEI request window guidance
DfE DMS User Guide – May 2018

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