This new book helps teachers by translating 99 of the most important and influential studies on the topic of learning into accessible and easily digestible overviews. By demystifying key concepts and providing practical advice for the classroom it supports teachers in the quest to help students learn as effectively and efficiently as possible.

A free electronic review copy is available to NASBTT members.

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“No resource is perfect for all contexts, but the well-thumbed and annotated copies of this book lying around our schools is evidence that, in our context, giving every teacher a copy has been beneficial.”
George Casley, CATS College London

“I’ve used The Science of Learning extensively when leading on Teaching and Learning at West Coventry Academy. I produced readers of key studies for teachers and based a lot of the whole-school CPD sessions I designed around the accessible, easily digestible infographics and summaries” Bertram Richter, Coventry Academy

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  1. Aly Spencer on June 28, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Please can I request the free review copy?

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