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Now Teach is a national charity that attracts, supports and helps retain career changers in teaching through their ITT year, as Early Career Teachers and beyond. Their support is free to both the training provider and participants. They are not a teacher training provider, and work alongside schools and ITT providers to help trainees complete their qualification and stay teaching.


Find out how Now Teach supported Alice to retrain as a teacher and change children’s lives.

Alice Gartland, who started her training in September 2019.







Find out how Now Teach supported Vishal to retrain as a teacher and make a difference.

We might think it’s by doing something tremendously grand – but Now Teacher, Vishal Handa says its often just showing up every day and reminding students that you care.






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Find out what Now Teach does

We attract career changers and support ITT providers with recruitment, aiming to retain new teachers who bring a wealth of skills and experience which will benefit schools and young people.

A growing movement

We have attracted and supported over 500 career changers into teaching – and there are thousands more all over England ready to take the step. We are ready to help them.

Since we began in 2017:

  • We have supported 515 career changers into teaching
  • Over 10,000 people have expressed interest in joining us
  • We are attracting people who wouldn’t have joined the profession otherwise: 75% of applicants said Now Teach made it more likely that they would apply to teach
  • We have seen above-average retention rates, compared to the national average:
    • 95% of Now Teachers gaining QTS are still teaching one year later
    • The national average in England is 85.4%.

How we can work together

We work with over 80 training providers and 200 schools, helping them to recruit career changers and personalise their support knowing their needs are different.

Our aim is to help them stay in the profession long-term.

We are funded by the DfE and do not charge fees to partners or career changers.

Contact us to find out more

Email Partnerships Lead to book a call and find out more.

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