Secondary Geography

A ‘confluence’ of geography teacher educators will be getting together for their annual conference at the end of January 2024, and one of the key foci will be about Intensive Training and Practice (ITaP). While you may not be attending the conference, or even maybe not a geographer(!), this is something the ITE community can brainstorm together. In that spirit, we invite you to give your thoughts about ITaP!

  • “ITaP will need to be led and supported by an appropriate range of experts” (DfE) – Who do you think is an ‘expert’ in this context?
  • What topics would be best suited to ITaP?
  • When in your ITE programme would the best time to engage trainees with the ITaP? Pros and Cons?
  • Any other thoughts, comments or questions?

Follow this link to give your thoughts. You’ll also have the option to put down your email address if you’d like the outcomes of this little brainstorm to be shared with you.

Kit Marie Rackley, NASBTT Secondary Geography consultant

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