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In recent years, the behaviour management training of pre-service teachers has been a topic of debate (and often criticism).  Despite the publication of Developing Behaviour Management Content for ITT (2016), the prominence of behaviour management training in the ITT Core Content Framework (2019) and the importance of this skill in the Teachers’ Standards (2014), at the moment there is no organised network of professionals involved in this vital aspect of ITT.

In response to this, a new network is being established for colleagues who are involved in the development of trainee teachers’ behaviour management skills during ITT.  The primary aim of the network is to share good practice in this area.  This will be achieved through quarterly updates that will include content such as research summaries, relevant book reviews (written by trainees), links to online resources and national updates.  Network members are encouraged to contribute to these updates if they are able to, but there is no requirement to do so!

It is hoped that the network will also act as a collaborative space for the voice of those who are involved in this area of ITT to be heard, and subsequently contribute to national policy and practice through engagement with policy makers and relevant bodies.

If you would like to join this network, or for more information, please email steven.mcnichol@bishopg.ac.uk.


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