NASBTT’s Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone (TEMZ) is a dedicated resource designed to support the professional learning and development of Teacher Educators and Mentors both individually and collectively as a profession. Access is free of charge for all Teacher Educators and Mentors in all settings and includes mentoring and subject resources.

Mentoring Resources

Based on our Professional Framework for Teacher Educators, our mentoring resources provide dedicated guidance, helpful tips and advice, articles, further reading, videos and handy printable guides.

Resources are easily accessible and designed to be a starting point for Teacher Educators and mentors who are keen to develop their own practice and knowledge. The content is built on existing theory and research, as well as first-hand practical advice that can be implemented quickly.

Subject Resources

Led by our subject specialists, our subject resources provide Teacher Educators with resources and information in the primary and secondary National Curriculum subjects.

Each subject area includes informative resources, recommended reading, instructional videos, useful articles, blogs, podcasts, subject Association links, good practice ideas, subject specific events, dedicated Facebook groups for networking, professional learning opportunities and much more.


Curated by our subject specialists, our News Feed keeps you up to date with subject-related activities, events and resources.

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