Secondary Languages

Language-related exhibitions currently on in London: V&A: ‘Japan – Myths to Manga’ and ‘Notre Dame de Paris’, The Augmented Museum at Westminster Abbey, ‘Expressionists: Kandinsky, Münter and The Blue Rider’ exhibition at the Tate Modern.

Both of these exhibitions could inspire your pupils or be an opportunity for CPD for your staff.

Do you have pupils interested in Japanese? Do you have a Japanese Club or even teach it on timetable? This V & A exhibition is an opportunity to explore how landscape and folklore have influenced Japanese art, technology and design.

There is also a French

Exhibition touring the world which is on at Westminster Abbey, London between 7th February and 1st June 2024. This exhibition explores the cathedral’s 850-year history as well as a restoration that has taken place since the devastating fire in 2019.

The Expressionists exhibition at Tate Modern might give some inspiration for the ‘Art’ topic at German A-level

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