Mentor Development Modules

In response to the 2024 mentoring requirements ITT providers are required to ‘establish a professional network of well-trained and expert mentors’.  To support these requirements, NASBTT is pleased to offer its Mentor Development Modules.

NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules offer a flexible suite of training resources that can be embedded within existing elements of your mentor training. Modules will be available as either online self-directed study or as taught modules delivered by licenced providers. The full suite of 60 modules will be available from September 2024.

The 2024 mentoring requirements state that general mentors are required to access a minimum of 20 hours of initial training time in their first year of mentoring, followed by a minimum of six hours of annual refresher training in subsequent years; lead mentors are required to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of initial training time in the first year, followed by 12 hours of annual refresher training in subsequent years.

The Mentor Development Modules have been designed to support ITT providers in meeting the training time requirements and the demands of creating a ‘fully resourced mentor curriculum that aligns with the trainee curriculum equip[ping] mentors with an understanding of the curriculum content trainees will cover and an approach to mentoring based on the best available evidence’.

This tailored offering enables providers to have complete control of their mentor training and meet the individual training and development requirements of their mentors.

Please note that our Mentor Development Modules are a tool in your toolkit to meet the 2024 requirements and not a complete solution.

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NASBTT is pleased to be a

Chartered Status CPD Partner


NASBTT strongly supports the importance of face-to-face training and CPD. We are offering our Mentor Development Modules in three delivery formats to enable providers to personalise delivery for their mentors’ needs: taught modules delivered by licenced providers, online self-directed study and a hybrid combination of the two.

Taught modules delivered by licenced providers (synchronous training)

In addition to online self-directed study, providers can become licenced to deliver taught modules.

  • Tailored training – providers have the option to identify and guide modules undertaken by mentors
  • Bitesize modules – each module is expected to take 90 minutes to deliver
  • Resources to support delivery – PowerPoint, facilitation notes and delegate pack
  • NASBTT Quality Assurance – supportive QA processes to inform future delivery

Online self-directed study (asynchronous training)

  • Hosted in NASBTT Learn - modules are available anytime, anywhere with offline access on smart devices or online via the web
  • Diagnostic assessment - completed by mentors to inform their training needs and module choices
  • Tailored training – providers have the option to identify and guide modules undertaken by mentors
  • Bitesize modules – each module is expected to take 60 minutes to complete
  • Interactive and engaging content – including videos, self-evaluation activities and reflection exercises
  • Certification and digital badging – evidence of successful completion of modules for a mentor’s CPD records
  • Transferrable – a mentor’s learning portfolio is transferable across registered ITT providers
  • Provider-level oversight - analytics and insights providing progress tracking and reporting on each user’s progress

Early Roll Out - 2023-2024

Thirty of the sixty modules are available now; further modules will become available during the 2023-2024 academic year.  All 60 modules will be available for September 2024. Modules available now are indicated with an * below.


  • Tailored to address the 2024 mentoring requirements
  • Flexible high-quality training
  • Written by expert practitioners in the sector
  • Cost effective solution providing economies of scale
  • Provider maintains complete control of their mentor training
  • Flexible to enhance provider’s existing mentor training
  • Provider-level oversight, analytics, tracking and reporting
  • Diagnostic assessment to inform training needs and module choices
  • Bespoke and tailored to suit individual needs
  • Bitesize module delivery to support busy lives
  • Tailored resources and training materials
  • Ongoing development, refinement and expansion
  • Dedicated support for onboarding and maximising utilisation
  • Supportive Quality Assurance processes
  • Access to NASBTT’s Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone

Module Levels

Modules are pitched at varying levels to reflect mentor experience and development need.

  • Introducing
  • Embedding
  • Refining
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Module Summaries

Introducing level modules

Embedding level modules

Refining level modules

* Modules anticipated for early roll out in September 2023.

Modules and module content is subject to change.

Diagnostic Assessment

NASBTT's MDM Diagnostic Assessment has been designed to allow for personalised CPD for mentors of varying experience and expertise.


  • Optional use by providers
  • The assessment comprises of 19 questions and takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete
  • The assessment recommends modules for completion based on the mentor's level of knowledge and experience
  • Access to user information for provision leads

Guidance for using and sharing the Diagnostic Assessment with your mentors

  • Providers can share the link to the diagnostic assessment with their mentors if they wish them to use the assessment to identify modules for completion.
  • On completion, both the mentors and provider will receive an email detailing the recommended modules for completion.

The URL for the assessment can be copied here and shared with relevant mentors.

Sample module materials

Sample module material and examples of the online self-directed study can be viewed below.

NASBTT's Mentor Development Modules - Online self-directed study - Sample Materials

NASBTT's Mentor Development Modules  Taught Modules - Sample Materials

If you require access to a sample module, please contact us.

Teacher Educator and Mentoring Zone (TEMZ)

NASBTT’s TEMZ includes accessible Mentoring Resources  based on NASBTT’s Professional Framework for Teacher Educators.

Mentors can use the Subject Resources to help embed what they have learnt in these modules into their own area of specialism.



Costs for 2023-2024 are on a per mentor basis

NASBTT and UCET Members: £15.00 per mentor

Non-members: £30.00 per mentor 

If you wish to become a Licence holder to enable your organisation to deliver taught modules, the following additional cost applies.

NASBTT and UCET Members: £300.00 per licenced organisation 

Non-members: £600 per licenced organisation 

An annual licence fee is chargeable for providers who wish to be licenced to deliver taught modules (synchronous); this is inclusive of access to all additional delivery materials and the developmental Quality Assurance process.

Not currently a NASBTT Member; find out more about Membership and Benefits.


Providers will have access to NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules  from Friday, 1st September 2023.

How to register

To register for NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules, please complete the Registration Form.

Questions and Find out more

If you have any questions regarding NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or alternatively contact us.

At our recent Espresso Event - Mentor Development Modules Taster Session we delivered a live demonstration of NASBTT's Mentoring Development Modules (MDM), both taught delivery and online self-directed study, delegates heard from pilot provider(s) and how they have integrated the MDMs into their Mentor training and the Chartered College of Teaching (NASBTT's Chartered Status CPD Partner) discussed their Chartered Status pathway for mentors.  If you missed this session, you can view a recording of the session here.