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Grange Lane Infant Academy, part of Delta Academies Trust, is the designated Teaching School Hub for Barnsley and Doncaster, and Selby and Wakefield. As part of a consortia of prominent partners, the high-performing academy submitted a bid in October 2020, with news of its multiple designation at the end of January 2021.

With Delta Teaching School Alliance, which offers School Direct Teacher Training (PGCE and QTS), becoming a member of NASBTT last year the organisation has already benefitted from support in the lead up to, and following on from, the Teaching School Hub announcement.

“I am Chair of the Teach Yorkshire group of ITT providers, and many of them are NASBTT members,” said Claire Rowley, Director of ITT and Early Careers at Delta Academies Trust. “They always say have you seen this training or that event which NASBTT is running, and we heard about the benefits before we joined as a School Direct provider last October. I have subsequently been to NASBTT’s ITT/Early Career Framework workshops, and another colleague has attended the Administrators’ Forum.”


Jo Twiby, Executive Director at Delta Teaching School Alliance, explained: “I have had meetings with NASBTT Executive Director Emma Hollis on ITT, sector developments and appropriate body services, and the support that is available through NASBTT membership. Once we were designated as a Teaching School Hub, we could draw upon our membership to discuss the implications of these system changes, which was incredibly useful.”

Colleagues have recently attended NASBTT’s event on Teaching School Hubs – Building Relationships with the ITT sector, and are currently exploring opportunities to sign up to NASBTT’s Teacher Educator Programme Level 4 – Effective Teaching School Hub Leadership scheduled in the 2021-22 academic year.

“NASBTT has successfully pulled together Teaching School Hubs from across the country to share what they are doing,” Claire said. “This is proving extremely valuable, and has supported learning within the partnership as well as thinking about our model, reflecting on and questioning our own practice. There is not really any CPD available for Teaching School Hub leaders and teams, so it is great to see NASBTT responding to this. As part of NASBTT membership all staff get access to all the relevant resources within the fee, and all training is half-price. We have a lot of staff working across the Hub, so Teaching School Hub membership will be extremely good value for money over time.”

Jo added: “NASBTT is the authority on school-based ITT – and this is the biggest value they can bring to Teaching School Hubs. There are huge changes going on in the sector, and as a Teaching School Hub we want to offer really good teacher training that supports recruitment in areas where there is difficulty (of which there are many), and ensures the supply of teachers into schools. Partnership, collaboration and creating strength in Hub areas is something we are working towards. NASBTT supports that, and helps us to navigate the landscape. We also want to put something back in, in whatever ways that are useful to NASBTT and other members, as we are not in competition with anyone.”

Case study developed: June 2021




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