At the last Board of Trustees’ Meeting, it was agreed that in order to continue to offer the high levels of service you have come to expect, a small increase in fees for 2019-2020 is required.  This has been agreed at just 3% (broadly in line with inflation).  The institution fee for SCITTs, HEIs and School Direct Lead Schools will be raised to £422.30 and the trainee fee to £13.65.

We hope that you recognise the value of membership and the increased services, opportunities and support we have been able to offer.

Included in your enhanced offer has been:

  • An increased media presence raising the profile of the organisation and the sector as a whole including representation in the mainstream press (BBC, Independent) as well as education publications
  • Greater credibility in the wider political landscape including invitations to sit on a range of advisory bodies at the DfE and Ofsted, work with the Royal Foundation on Mental Health and increased connections with a wide range of stakeholders
  • Negotiation of increased fees for SCITT providers (to £9,250)
  • Greater opportunities for professional development, advice, guidance and support
  • Increased opportunities for the member voice including working parties, the member blog and case studies
  • Legal advice and support
  • Free membership of nasen for all members (usually £99)
  • Member discounts with Critical Publishing, NASBTT Learn, Teaching Times and a range of subject associations
  • Introduction of our annual awards celebrating ….
  • Coming soon:
    • Free membership to NARIC Premium for all members (usually £2,150 plus VAT)
    • NASBTT Analytics (a free data management service)
    • Professional learning space for Teacher Educators
    • Curriculum design support and materials
    • External moderator training

In order to provide even more benefits to you in the coming months, we are excited to be appointing a Head of Operations and Training.

We believe we offer excellent value for money to all our members and look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year.

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