Subject knowledge is a key component to effective teaching. NASBTT Networks Live supports trainees and Early Career Teachers in improving their subject knowledge and confidence across the curriculum.

NASBTT Networks Live supports trainees’ and Early Career Teachers’ subject knowledge through a series of live subject specific and general sessions, coupled with complementary resources and signposting to information and relevant subject associations to enhance their subject knowledge.  

A wide range of subject experts lead online sessions for primary and secondary subjects and engage trainees and Early Career Teachers in relevant subject learning and provide valuable opportunities to work collaboratively. In addition, there are general sessions by facilitators such as Dylan Wiliam, Paul Dix, Sinéad Mc Brearty and Dame Alison Peacock on key topical issues and dedicated sessions for SEND, Phonics, EAL, Inclusive Education, PSHE and Diversity.

NNL Calendar 2022-2023

We have an exciting calendar of sessions planned.  Sessions will run throughout each term and each session will have a different focus.

View the NNL 2022-2023 Calendar

Tailored to suit busy lives

All sessions are delivered online via Zoom from 4.00p.m. – 5.30p.m.

We understand that with busy schedules, training and family commitments that not everyone will be able to join the live sessions.  Subject to facilitator consent, sessions are recorded for registered users to ‘Watch Later’ along with access to any resources via the NNL Hub.


Costs for 2022-2023 are on a per user basis.

  • Primary user – £12.60 per user
  • Secondary user – £6.30 per user

All registered providers will receive five free staff accounts.

Find out more and register

Visit NASBTT Networks Live – Information to find out more.

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If you have any questions regarding NASBTT Networks Live, please contact Caroline Draper.

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