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Our hugely successful NASBTT Networks Live is evolving for September 2023

In response to provider feedback, NASBTT Networks Live is changing for September 2023 to a suite of Subject Development Resources including an on-demand bank of engaging videos, curated supporting resources and information and live sessions on key topics.

These high-quality resources will be hosted in our dedicated Trainee and Early Career Teacher Hub and will include:

New on-demand videos

  • Linked to the CCF and ECF
  • Focusing on five key common areas
  • Delivered through the lens of the subject
  • Developed and facilitated by subject experts
  • Tailored to be integrated into your curriculum
  • Covering all Primary and Secondary National Curriculum Subjects*
  • Integrated resources

Curated subject resources

  • Subject Association information
  • Useful websites, videos and podcasts
  • Recommended reading
  • Top tips and useful information

Videos and resources from NASBTT Networks Live 2022-2023

  • Access to all videos and resources from 2022-2023 sessions of NASBTT Networks Live

Live sessions

  • Embedding Formative Assessment with Dylan Wiliam
  • Behaviour with Sue Cowley
  • SEND with Julie Greer
  • Wellbeing with Sinead McBrearty, Education Support
  • Phonics with Cara Broadhurst
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Creating Safe and Inclusive Classrooms with Adam Brett
  • Introduction to Primary Foundation Subjects with James Coleman

Additional resources

  • SEND Toolkit for Trainees
  • ITT Core Content Framework: Exemplification Resources and Recommended Reading
  • Ofsted Curriculum Research Reviews
  • Early Career Teacher Recruitment
  • Top tips and useful information
  • Blog, latest news and trainee insights

On-demand videos will focus on five key areas of teacher practice through the lens of their subject allowing trainees to develop subject specific knowledge and supporting them to develop an understanding of the nuance of their subject.

Find out more about our new Subject Development Resources

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