We have received a large number of requests from members over that past couple of months regarding the possibility of NASBTT developing a suite of videos of full lessons and mentoring and coaching sessions for use in training and development programmes with trainees, mentors, teacher educators and ECTs. We have explored the possibilities and are confident that we could create a bank of resources, covering a wide range of subjects and phases, edited purposefully for use in professional development sessions, including pause points and suggested reflection questions to support learning. The cost of embarking on this project is, understandably, very high so in order to ensure best value for money, we are scoping members’ interest in the project. We would anticipate charging an annual fee of between £250-£500 per provider for access to the full range of videos on offer. In the first instance, we hope to develop in the region of 50-60 recordings covering a range of subjects and phases, including SEND.

Please indicate using this form whether you would be interested in having access to these materials, at the price point suggested. If interest in the project is sufficiently high, we will take the next steps in developing the resource.

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